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Project Description Owner Last Change
app-admin/.git 6 months ago
app-admin/augeas/.git A configuration editing tool... 6 months ago
app-admin/cgmanager/.git Another daemon for managing... 6 months ago
app-admin/chrpath/.git Change or delete the rpath... 6 months ago
app-admin/packagekit-qt5/.git Qt5 bindings for PackageKit 6 months ago
app-admin/packagekit/.git A system designed to make... 6 months ago
app-admin/syslog-ng/.git Next-generation syslogd with... 6 months ago
app-admin/system-config-printer/.git A CUPS printer configuration... 6 months ago
app-admin/systemd-ui/.git Session and startup manager... 6 months ago
app-admin/tripwire/.git An intrusion detection system 6 months ago
app-antivirus/.git 6 months ago
app-antivirus/chkrootkit/.git Locally checks for signs of... 6 months ago
app-antivirus/clamav/.git Anti-virus toolkit for Unix 6 months ago
app-antivirus/clamtk/.git Easy to use, light-weight... 6 months ago
app-antivirus/rkhunter/.git Checks machines for the presen... 6 months ago
app-archive/.git 6 months ago
app-archive/brotli/.git Brotli compression library 6 months ago
app-archive/bzip2/.git A high-quality data compressio... 6 months ago
app-archive/cabextract/.git A program to extract Microsoft... 6 months ago
app-archive/gzip/.git GNU compression utility 6 months ago
app-archive/lz4/.git Extremely fast compression... 6 months ago
app-archive/lzo2/.git Portable lossless data compres... 6 months ago
app-archive/p7zip/.git Command-line file archiver... 6 months ago
app-archive/rar/.git A command-line port of the... 6 months ago
app-archive/sharutils/.git Makes so-called shell archives... 6 months ago
app-archive/snappy/.git A fast compressor/decompressor... 6 months ago
app-archive/unzip/.git Unpacks .zip archives such... 6 months ago
app-archive/upx/.git Ultimate executable compressor. 6 months ago
app-archive/xarchiver/.git GTK+ frontend to various comma... 6 months ago
app-archive/xz/.git Library and command line tools... 6 months ago
app-archive/zip/.git Creates PKZIP-compatible ... 6 months ago
app-archive/zlib/.git A high-quality data compressio... 6 months ago
app-archive/zstd/.git Zstandard - Fast real-time... 6 months ago
app-archive/zziplib/.git A lightweight library that... 6 months ago
app-benchmark/.git 6 months ago
app-benchmark/interbench/.git Emulates and measures CPU... 6 months ago
app-benchmark/iperf3/.git TCP, UDP, and SCTP network... 6 months ago
app-benchmark/nuttcp/.git TCP/UDP network testing tool... 6 months ago
app-benchmark/ttcp/.git TCP benchmarking tool 6 months ago
app-benchmark/unixbench/.git UnixBench is a simple benchmar... 6 months ago
app-cdr/.git 6 months ago
app-cdr/cdrdao/.git Records audio/data CD-Rs in... 6 months ago
app-cdr/dumpet/.git A tool for debugging El Torito... 6 months ago
app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools/.git dvd burning tools 6 months ago
app-crypt/.git 6 months ago
app-crypt/argon2/.git A password-hashing function... 6 months ago
app-crypt/pesign/.git Tools for manipulating signed... 6 months ago
app-crypt/qca/.git Qt Cryptographic Architecture 6 months ago
app-crypt/rhash/.git Utility for verifying hash... 6 months ago
app-doc/.git 6 months ago
app-doc/doxygen/.git Documentation system for C... 6 months ago
app-editors/.git 6 months ago
app-editors/ed/.git A POSIX-compliant line-oriente... 6 months ago
app-editors/emacs-nox/.git The extensible, customizable... 6 months ago
app-editors/emacs/.git The extensible, customizable... 6 months ago
app-editors/juffed-qt5/.git Simple tabbed text editor... 6 months ago
app-editors/leafpad/.git A notepad clone for GTK+ 2.0 6 months ago
app-emulation/.git 6 months ago
app-emulation/bubblewrap/.git Unprivileged sandboxing tool 6 months ago
app-emulation/libcacard/.git (Common Access Card) library... 6 months ago
app-emulation/libvirt-glib/.git GLib bindings for libvirt 6 months ago
app-emulation/libvirt/.git API for controlling virtualiza... 6 months ago
app-emulation/lxc/.git Linux Containers 6 months ago
app-emulation/mame/.git A port of the popular Multiple... 6 months ago
app-emulation/ovmf/.git Tianocore UEFI firmware for... 6 months ago
app-emulation/playonlinux/.git GUI for managing Windows progr... 6 months ago
app-emulation/q4wine/.git A Qt4 GUI for Wine 6 months ago
app-emulation/qemu/.git A generic and open source... 6 months ago
app-emulation/sdlmame/.git A port of the popular Multiple... 6 months ago
app-emulation/tilix/.git A tiling terminal emulator... 6 months ago
app-emulation/vde2/.git Virtual Distributed Ethernet... 6 months ago
app-emulation/wine-mono/.git Wine's built-in replacement... 6 months ago
app-emulation/wine/.git A compatibility layer for... 6 months ago
app-emulation/wine_gecko/.git Wine's built-in replacement... 6 months ago
app-emulation/winetricks/.git Script to install various... 6 months ago
app-emulation/xen/.git 6 months ago
app-emulation/zsnes/.git 6 months ago
app-forensics/.git 6 months ago
app-forensics/fluxion/.git Fluxion is a security auditing... 6 months ago
app-forensics/lynis/.git No commits
app-forensics/scalpel/.git A frugal, high performance... 6 months ago
app-grafix/.git 6 months ago
app-grafix/gimp/.git GNU Image Manipulation Program 6 months ago
app-grafix/gpick/.git Advanced color picker written... 6 months ago
app-grafix/inkscape/.git Professional vector graphics... 6 months ago
app-grafix/potrace/.git Utility for tracing a bitmap... 6 months ago
app-grafix/xsane/.git Utility for tracing a bitmap... 6 months ago
app-misc/.git 6 months ago
app-misc/datefudge/.git A program (and preload library... 6 months ago
app-mobile/.git 6 months ago
app-mobile/ideviceinstaller/.git Tool to interact with the... 6 months ago
app-mobile/ifuse/.git A fuse filesystem implementati... 6 months ago
app-mobile/libideviceactivation/.git Activates iDevices using a... 6 months ago
app-mobile/libimobiledevice/.git libimobiledevice is a software... 6 months ago
app-mobile/libplist/.git A library to handle Apple... 6 months ago
app-mobile/libusbmuxd/.git The usbmuxd communication... 6 months ago
app-mobile/usbmuxd/.git USB Multiplex Daemon 6 months ago
app-net/.git 6 months ago
app-net/aircrack-ng/.git Key cracker for the 802.11... 6 months ago
app-net/apr-util/.git The Apache Portable Runtime 6 months ago
app-net/apr/.git The Apache Portable Runtime 6 months ago
app-net/bing-wallpaper/.git Change wallpaper from Bing... 6 months ago
app-net/bugzilla/.git bug tracker 6 months ago
app-net/cowpatty/.git Wireless WPA/WPA2 PSK handshak... 6 months ago
app-net/dropbox/.git A free service that lets you... 6 months ago
app-net/ethtool/.git Utility for controlling networ... 6 months ago
app-net/exim/.git Message Transfer Agent 6 months ago
app-net/fetchmail/.git A remote-mail retrieval utility 6 months ago
app-net/filezilla/.git Fast and reliable FTP, FTPS... 6 months ago
app-net/frostwire/.git FrostWire is a free and easy... 6 months ago
app-net/gnu-netcat/.git GNU rewrite of netcat, the... 6 months ago
app-net/google-earth-pro/.git 3D interface to explore the... 6 months ago
app-net/hostapd/.git IEEE 802.11 AP, IEEE 802.1X... 6 months ago
app-net/imap/.git Fast automated phishing attack... 6 months ago
app-net/iw/.git nl80211 based CLI configuratio... 6 months ago
app-net/libfilezilla/.git Small and modern C++ library... 6 months ago
app-net/macchanger/.git A small utility to change... 6 months ago
app-net/messengerfordesktop/.git A simple & beautiful desktop... 6 months ago
app-net/mod_perl/.git Apache module that embeds... 6 months ago
app-net/net-tools/.git Configuration tools for Linux... 6 months ago
app-net/nmap/.git Utility for network discovery... 6 months ago
app-net/pidgin/.git A free service that lets you... 6 months ago
app-net/pixiewps/.git Offline bruteforce of the... 6 months ago
app-net/postfix/.git Fast, easy to administer,... 6 months ago
app-net/procmail/.git Highly configurable auto mail... 6 months ago
app-net/proftpd/.git High-performance, scalable... 6 months ago
app-net/putty/.git A terminal integrated SSH... 6 months ago
app-net/pyrit/.git The famous WPA precomputed... 6 months ago
app-net/reaver/.git Brute force attack against... 6 months ago
app-net/remmina/.git remote desktop client written... 6 months ago
app-net/seamonkey/.git SeaMonkey internet suite 6 months ago
app-net/sendmail/.git The sendmail MTA 6 months ago
app-net/serf/.git High-performance asynchronous... 6 months ago
app-net/skypeforlinux-bin/.git Skype for Linux - Insider... 6 months ago
app-net/teamviewer/.git All-In-One Software for Remote... 6 months ago
app-net/telegram-desktop-bin/.git Official desktop version of... 6 months ago
app-net/thunderbird/.git Standalone mail and news reade... 6 months ago
app-net/transmission/.git A powerful general purpose... 6 months ago
app-net/uget/.git GTK+ download manager featurin... 6 months ago
app-net/variety/.git Changes the wallpaper on a... 6 months ago
app-net/vsftpd/.git Very Secure FTP daemon 6 months ago
app-net/wallch/.git A powerful general purpose... 6 months ago
app-net/wget/.git A network utility to retrieve... 6 months ago
app-net/whois/.git The whois client by Marco... 6 months ago
app-net/wifiphisher/.git Fast automated phishing attack... 6 months ago
app-net/wifite/.git Tool to attack multiple WEP... 6 months ago
app-net/wire-desktop/.git Modern, private messenger... 6 months ago
app-net/wireshark/.git Wireless WPA/WPA2 PSK handshak... 6 months ago
app-net/wvdial/.git A dialer program to connect... 6 months ago
app-net/wvstreams/.git A network programming library... 6 months ago
app-net/youtube-dl/.git A small command-line program... 6 months ago
app-office/.git 6 months ago
app-office/abiword/.git Fully-featured word processor 6 months ago
app-office/convertall/.git Unit conversion program (Qt) 6 months ago
app-office/dia/.git A GTK+ based diagram creation... 6 months ago
app-office/gnucash-docs/.git GnuCash documentation package 6 months ago
app-office/gnucash/.git A personal and small-business... 6 months ago
app-office/libreoffice/.git A personal and small-business... 6 months ago
app-office/lyx/.git An advanced WYSIWYM document... 6 months ago
app-office/onlyoffice-bin/.git The most complete and feature... 6 months ago
app-office/scowl/.git Spell Checking Oriented Word... 6 months ago
app-office/wps-office/.git Kingsoft Office (WPS Office... 6 months ago
app-security/.git 6 months ago
app-security/gksu/.git A graphical frontend for su 6 months ago
app-text/.git 6 months ago
app-text/asciidoc/.git Text document format for short... 6 months ago
app-text/asciidoctor/.git An implementation of AsciiDoc... 6 months ago
app-text/convertlit/.git An extractor/converter for... 6 months ago
app-text/dblatex/.git DocBook (XML and SGML) to... 6 months ago
app-text/discount/.git A Markdown implementation... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-dsssl/.git Tools for maintaining centrali... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-sgml31/.git Tools for maintaining centrali... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-sgml45/.git A widely used XML scheme for... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-sgml50/.git An implementation of AsciiDoc... No commits
app-text/docbook-utils/.git Tools for maintaining centrali... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-utils/html/.git Tools for maintaining centrali... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-xml/.git A widely used XML scheme for... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-xsl-saxon/.git Java extensions for use with... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook-xsl/.git XML stylesheets for Docbook... 6 months ago
app-text/docbook2x/.git A software package that conver... 6 months ago
app-text/docutils/.git Set of tools for processing... 6 months ago
app-text/libstaroffice/.git filter for old StarOffice... 6 months ago
app-text/linuxdoc-tools/.git Convert LinuxDoc SGML source... 6 months ago
app-text/man2html/.git A Unix manpage-to-HTML converter 6 months ago
app-text/mupdf/.git Lightweight PDF and XPS viewer 6 months ago
app-text/openjade/.git James Clark's DSSSL Engine 6 months ago
app-text/opensp/.git A library and a set of tools... 6 months ago
app-text/qpdf/.git QPDF: A Content-Preserving... 6 months ago
app-text/rarian/.git Documentation meta-data librar... 6 months ago
app-text/sgml-common/.git Tools for maintaining centrali... 6 months ago
app-text/tidy/.git A tool to tidy down your HTML... 6 months ago
app-text/tinyxml/.git Simple, small XML parser 6 months ago
app-text/tinyxml2/.git Simple XML parser made for... 6 months ago
app-text/xindy/.git An index processor that can... 6 months ago
app-text/xmldiff/.git A python tool that figures... 6 months ago
app-text/xmlto/.git Convert xml to many other... 6 months ago
app-text/xmltoman/.git Convert xml to man pages in... 6 months ago
app-text/xpdf/.git Viewer for Portable Document... 6 months ago
app-utils/.git 6 months ago
app-utils/diskscan/.git CLI tool to scan block devices... 6 months ago
app-utils/extundelete/.git Utility for recovering deleted... 6 months ago
app-utils/gaa/.git GAA Argument Analyser 6 months ago
app-utils/grub-customizer/.git A graphical grub2 settings... 6 months ago
app-utils/jq/.git Command-line JSON processor 6 months ago
app-utils/kindd/.git A Kindful dd gui written... 6 months ago
app-utils/mediawriter/.git Fedora Media Writer is a tool... 6 months ago
app-utils/menulibre/.git An advanced menu editor that... 6 months ago
app-utils/mesa-demos/.git Mesa demos and tools incl... 6 months ago
app-utils/mesa-xdemos/.git Utilities for testing the... 6 months ago
app-utils/mkosi/.git Build Legacy-Free OS Images 6 months ago
app-utils/multibootusb/.git Boot multiple live Linux distr... 6 months ago
app-utils/parallel/.git A shell tool for executing... 6 months ago
app-utils/qlipper/.git Lightweight and cross-platform... 6 months ago
app-utils/rrdtool/.git Data logging and graphing... 6 months ago
app-utils/testdisk/.git Checks and undeletes partition... 6 months ago
app-utils/unetbootin/.git Create bootable Live USB drives 6 months ago
dev-android/.git 6 months ago
dev-android/anbox-bridge/.git Script to enable network for... 6 months ago
dev-android/anbox-image/.git Android image for running... 6 months ago
dev-android/anbox/.git 6 months ago
dev-android/android-studio/.git The official Android IDE ... 6 months ago
dev-android/android-tools/.git Android platform tools 6 months ago
dev-android/android-udev/.git Udev rules to connect Android... 6 months ago
dev-android/heimdall/.git Tool suite used to flash firmw... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/.git 6 months ago
dev-cpp/atkmm/.git C++ bindings for ATK 6 months ago
dev-cpp/cairomm/.git C++ bindings to Cairo vector... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/clutter-gtkmm/.git GTK clutter widget 6 months ago
dev-cpp/cluttermm/.git C++ binding for clutter 6 months ago
dev-cpp/dbus-cpp/.git A header-only dbus-binding... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/gflags/.git C++ Library for commandline... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/glibmm/.git C++ bindings for GLib 6 months ago
dev-cpp/gtest/.git Google Test - C++ testing... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/gtkmm/.git C++ bindings to Cairo vector... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/gtkmm3/.git C++ bindings for GTK+ 3 6 months ago
dev-cpp/pangomm/.git C++ bindings for Pango 6 months ago
dev-cpp/yaml-cpp/.git YAML parser and emitter in... 6 months ago
dev-cpp/zxing-cpp/.git A command-line tool to decode... 6 months ago
dev-db/.git 6 months ago
dev-db/db/.git The Berkeley DB embedded datab... 6 months ago
dev-db/freetds/.git Library for accessing Sybase... 6 months ago
dev-db/ldb/.git A schema-less, ldap like,... 6 months ago
dev-db/leveldb/.git A fast and lightweight key... 6 months ago
dev-db/libdbi-drivers/.git Database drivers for libdbi... 6 months ago
dev-db/libdbi/.git A database independant abstrac... 6 months ago
dev-db/libfbclient/.git Client library for Firebird. 6 months ago
dev-db/lmdb/.git Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped... 6 months ago
dev-db/mariadb/.git Fast SQL database server,... 6 months ago
dev-db/postgresql/.git Sophisticated object-relationa... 6 months ago
dev-db/sqlcipher/.git SQLite extension that provides... 6 months ago
dev-db/sqlite/.git A C library that implements... 6 months ago
dev-db/sqlitebrowser/.git A high quality, visual, open... 6 months ago
dev-db/tdb/.git A Trivial Database similar... 6 months ago
dev-db/tinycdb/.git Very fast and simple package... 6 months ago
dev-db/unixodbc/.git ODBC is an open specification... 6 months ago
dev-dotnet/.git 6 months ago
dev-dotnet/libgdiplus/.git Open Source Implementation... 6 months ago
dev-ide/.git 6 months ago
dev-ide/aptana-studio/.git Aptana Studio 3.6.1 is code... 6 months ago
dev-ide/bluefish/.git A powerful HTML editor for... 6 months ago
dev-ide/codelite/.git Cross platform C/C++/PHP and... 6 months ago
dev-ide/eclipse/.git Highly extensible IDE 6 months ago
dev-ide/geany-plugins/.git Pluins for geany 6 months ago
dev-ide/geany/.git Fast and lightweight IDE 6 months ago
dev-ide/glade/.git User interface builder for... 6 months ago
dev-ide/highlight/.git Lightweight and Smart PHP IDE 6 months ago
dev-ide/netbeans/.git IDE for Java, HTML5, PHP,... 6 months ago
dev-ide/phpstorm/.git Lightweight and Smart PHP IDE 6 months ago
dev-ide/qtcreator/.git Lightweight, cross-platform... 6 months ago
dev-ide/svnkit/.git A Subversion library for Java 6 months ago
dev-ide/visual-studio-code/.git Visual Studio Code: Editor... 6 months ago
dev-ide/zendstudio/.git ZendStudio is the leading... 6 months ago
dev-java/.git 6 months ago
dev-java/ant/.git Java based build tool 6 months ago
dev-java/beanshell2/.git Small, free, embeddable, sourc... 6 months ago
dev-java/fastjar/.git Sun java jar compatible archiver 6 months ago
dev-java/fop/.git XSL-FO implementation in Java. 6 months ago
dev-java/icedtea-sound/.git The IcedTea-Sound package... 6 months ago
dev-java/icedtea-web/.git IO related classes for Java. 6 months ago
dev-java/java-avalon-framework/.git Reusable components for J2SE... 6 months ago
dev-java/java-batik/.git SVG library for Java. 6 months ago
dev-java/java-common/.git Wrapper interface for logging... 6 months ago
dev-java/java-commons-io/.git IO related classes for Java. 6 months ago
dev-java/java-commons-logging/.git Wrapper interface for logging... 6 months ago
dev-java/java-hamcrest/.git Java matcher objects library 6 months ago
dev-java/java-jai/.git Java Advanced Imaging (JAI... 6 months ago
dev-java/java-jline/.git Java library for handling... 6 months ago
dev-java/java-openjdk/.git XSL-FO implementation in Java. 6 months ago
dev-java/java-xmlgraphics-commons/.git Common components between... 6 months ago
dev-java/java11-openjdk/.git Wrapper interface for logging... 6 months ago
dev-java/java7-openjdk/.git Simple JVM framework to write... 6 months ago
dev-java/java8-openjdk/.git Java matcher objects library 6 months ago
dev-java/jdk7/.git Simple JVM framework to write... 6 months ago
dev-java/jre7/.git Wrapper interface for logging... 6 months ago
dev-java/junit/.git Simple JVM framework to write... 6 months ago
dev-java/maven/.git Java project management and... 6 months ago
dev-java/rhino/.git Common components between... 6 months ago
dev-java/saxon-he/.git XSLT 2.0 / XPath 2.0 and 3... 6 months ago
dev-lang/.git 6 months ago
dev-lang/dune/.git A composable build system... 6 months ago
dev-lang/fpc-src/.git Sources for the FreePascal... 6 months ago
dev-lang/fpc/.git The Free Pascal Compiler is... 6 months ago
dev-lang/go/.git A highly capable, feature... 6 months ago
dev-lang/groovy/.git Programming language based... 6 months ago
dev-lang/lazarus/.git Powerful lightweight programmi... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ldc/.git A D Compiler based on the... 6 months ago
dev-lang/lua/.git Powerful light-weight programm... 6 months ago
dev-lang/lua51/.git Powerful lightweight programmi... 6 months ago
dev-lang/lua52/.git Powerful lightweight programmi... 6 months ago
dev-lang/luajit/.git Just-in-time compiler and... 6 months ago
dev-lang/mono-addins/.git A generic framework for creati... 6 months ago
dev-lang/mono/.git Free implementation of the... 6 months ago
dev-lang/nasm/.git An 80x86 assembler designed... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocaml-ctypes/.git Library for binding to C libra... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocaml-findlib/.git OCaml package manager 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocaml-integers/.git Library for binding to C libra... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocaml-result/.git Compatibility Result module 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocaml-topkg/.git A packager for distributing... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocaml/.git A functional language with... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ocamlbuild/.git Build tool, that has built... 6 months ago
dev-lang/opam/.git OCaml package manager 6 months ago
dev-lang/perl/.git A highly capable, feature... 6 months ago
dev-lang/php/.git Powerful light-weight programm... 6 months ago
dev-lang/python/.git Next generation of the python... 6 months ago
dev-lang/python2/.git A high-level scripting language 6 months ago
dev-lang/r/.git Language and environment for... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ruby-ruby-dbus/.git Ruby module for interaction... 6 months ago
dev-lang/ruby/.git Powerful light-weight programm... 6 months ago
dev-lang/rust/.git Systems programming language... 6 months ago
dev-lang/sassc/.git C implementation of Sass CSS... 6 months ago
dev-lang/swig/.git Generate scripting interfaces... 6 months ago
dev-lang/swig3/.git Generate scripting interfaces... 6 months ago
dev-lang/vala/.git Compiler for the GObject type... 6 months ago
dev-lang/yasm/.git A rewrite of NASM to allow... 6 months ago
dev-libs/.git 6 months ago
dev-libs/appstream-glib/.git Provides GObjects and helper... 6 months ago
dev-libs/appstream/.git Provides a standard for creati... 6 months ago
dev-libs/cloog/.git Library that generates loops... 6 months ago
dev-libs/crypto++/.git A free C++ class library of... 6 months ago
dev-libs/eigen/.git Lightweight C++ template libra... 6 months ago
dev-libs/fcgi/.git FASTCgi (fcgi) is a language... 6 months ago
dev-libs/fvk/.git Fast Visualization Kit (FVK... 6 months ago
dev-libs/glpk/.git GNU Linear Programming Kit... 6 months ago
dev-libs/grantlee-qt4/.git Qt5 string template engine... 6 months ago
dev-libs/hiredis/.git Minimalistic C client library... 6 months ago
dev-libs/intel-tbb/.git High level abstract threading... 6 months ago
dev-libs/isl/.git Library for manipulating sets... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libappindicator/.git Allow applications to extend... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libdbusmenu-qt/.git A library that provides a... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libdbusmenu/.git Library for passing menus... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libdwarf/.git A library for handling DWARF... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libexplain/.git A library which may be used... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libindicator/.git Set of symbols and convenience... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libisocodes/.git Lists of the country, language... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libjson/.git libjson is a small C library... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libofx/.git API for the OFX banking standard 6 months ago
dev-libs/liboil/.git Library of simple functions... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libotf/.git OpenType Font library 6 months ago
dev-libs/libpsl/.git Public Suffix List library 6 months ago
dev-libs/libsass/.git C implementation of Sass CSS... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libtommath/.git Highly optimized and portable... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libuninameslist/.git Large, sparse array mapping... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libutf8proc/.git C library for processing UTF... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libuv/.git Multi-platform support library... 6 months ago
dev-libs/libzip/.git A C library for reading, creat... 6 months ago
dev-libs/m17n-lib/.git Multilingual text processing... 6 months ago
dev-libs/newt/.git Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit... 6 months ago
dev-libs/ocl-icd/.git OpenCL ICD Bindings 6 months ago
dev-libs/offload-nvptx/.git The gcc-offload-nvptx package... 6 months ago
dev-libs/oniguruma/.git a regular expressions library 6 months ago
dev-libs/opencl-headers/.git OpenCL (Open Computing Languag... 6 months ago
dev-libs/osl/.git OpenScop Library 6 months ago
dev-libs/ppl/.git A modern library for convex... 6 months ago
dev-libs/process-cpp/.git C++11 library for handling... 6 months ago
dev-libs/properties-cpp/.git A very simple convenience... 6 months ago
dev-libs/protobuf/.git Protocol Buffers - Google... 6 months ago
dev-libs/publicsuffix-list/.git Cross-vendor public domain... 6 months ago
dev-libs/qjson/.git A qt-based library that maps... 6 months ago
dev-libs/qoauth/.git Support with OAuth-powered... 6 months ago
dev-libs/qqwing/.git Sudoku generating and solving... 6 months ago
dev-libs/quazip/.git C++ wrapper for the Gilles... 6 months ago
dev-libs/re2/.git Fast, safe, thread-friendly... 6 months ago
dev-libs/seed/.git Library and interpreter for... 6 months ago
dev-libs/swi-prolog/.git Prolog environment 6 months ago
dev-libs/tre/.git POSIX compliant regexp matchin... 6 months ago
dev-libs/ucl/.git Portable lossless data compres... 6 months ago
dev-libs/vc/.git A library to ease explicit... 6 months ago
dev-libs/yajl/.git Yet Another JSON Library 6 months ago
dev-lisp/.git 6 months ago
dev-lisp/clisp/.git ANSI Common Lisp interpreter... 6 months ago
dev-node/.git 6 months ago
dev-node/apm/.git Atom package manager 6 months ago
dev-node/marked-man/.git Wrapper adding manpage output... 6 months ago
dev-node/node-gyp/.git Node.js native addon build... 6 months ago
dev-node/npm/.git A package manager for javascript 6 months ago
dev-node/semver/.git The semantic version parser... 6 months ago
dev-perl/.git 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-algorithm-diff/.git Perl/CPAN Module Algorithm... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-archive-tar/.git Perl module for manipulations... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-archive-zip/.git Provide a perl interface to... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-bit-vector/.git Efficient bit vector, set... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-cairo-gobject/.git The Perl Cairo module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-cairo/.git The Perl Cairo module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-carp-clan/.git Report errors from perspective... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-cgi/.git Handle Common Gateway Interfac... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-cpan-meta/.git the distribution metadata... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-crypt-openssl-bignum/.git OpenSSL's multiprecision integ... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-crypt-openssl-random/.git Interface to OpenSSL PRNG... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-crypt-openssl-rsa/.git Interface to OpenSSL RSA methods 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-crypt-ssleay/.git OpenSSL glue that provides... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-date-calc/.git Perl module for Gregorian... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-date-manip/.git Date::Manip - date manipulatio... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-dbi/.git Database independent interface... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-devel-symdump/.git Perl symbol table access and... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-digest-hmac/.git Perl Module: Keyed-Hashing... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-digest-md5/.git Perl interface to the SHA... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-digest-nilsimsa/.git Perl version of Nilsimsa code 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-digest-sha1/.git Perl interface to the SHA... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-digest/.git Perl interface to the SHA... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-encode-detect/.git An Encode::Encoding subclass... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-encode-locale/.git Determine the locale encoding 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-encode/.git character encodings in Perl 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-error/.git Perl/CPAN Error module - Error... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-exporter-tiny/.git an exporter with the features... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-extutils-depends/.git The Perl depends module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-extutils-pkgconfig/.git The Perl Pkgconfig module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-file-listing/.git parse directory listing 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-file-slurp/.git Read/write/append files quickly 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-font-ttf/.git Font::TTF - Perl module for... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-glib-object-introspection/.git The Perl Pkgconfig module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-glib/.git Perl wrappers for glib 2.x... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-gstreamer/.git The Perl Gstreamer module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-gtk2/.git The Perl Gtk2 module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-gtk3/.git The Perl Gtk3 module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-html-parser/.git Perl HTML parser class 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-html-tagset/.git Data tables useful in parsing... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-http-cookies/.git HTTP cookie jars 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-http-daemon/.git a simple http server class 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-http-date/.git Date conversion routines 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-http-message/.git HTTP style messages 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-http-negotiate/.git choose a variant to serve 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-inc-latest/.git Build, test, and install Perl... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-io-html/.git Open an HTML file with automat... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-io-socket-inet6/.git Object interface for AF_INET... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-io-socket-ssl/.git Nearly transparent SSL encapsu... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-io-string/.git IO::File interface for in... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-json/.git JSON (JavaScript Object Notati... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-libwww/.git The World-Wide Web library... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-linux-pid/.git Interface to Linux getpp?id... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-list-moreutils-xs/.git Provide the stuff missing... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-list-moreutils/.git Provide the stuff missing... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-locale-gettext/.git Permits access from Perl to... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-lwp-mediatypes/.git guess media type for a file... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-lwp-protocol-https/.git Provide https support for... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-mail-box/.git Mail folder manager and MUA... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-mail-dkim/.git Implements DomainKeys Identifi... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-mail-sendmail/.git Perl/CPAN Module Mail::Sendmai... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-mail-spf/.git Perl module that provides... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-mailtools/.git Various e-mail related modules 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-module-build/.git Build, test, and install Perl... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-modules/.git Perl extension for merging... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-mozilla-ca/.git Mozilla's CA cert bundle in... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-cidr-lite/.git Perl extension for merging... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-dns-resolver-programmable/.git A Net::DNS::Resolver descendan... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-dns-sec/.git Perl Module: Interface to... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-dns/.git Perl Module: Interface to... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-http/.git Low-level HTTP connection... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-ip/.git Perl Module: Easy manipulatio... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-patricia/.git Patricia Trie perl module... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-net-ssleay/.git Perl extension for using OpenSSL 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-netaddr-ip/.git Perl module to manage IP addre... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-pango/.git The Perl Pango module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-parse-yapp/.git Perl/CPAN Module Parse::Yapp... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-path-class/.git Cross-platform path specificat... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-path-tiny/.git A small and fast Perl module... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-pod-coverage/.git Checks if the documentation... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-proc-processtable/.git Provides a consistent interfac... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-sgmls-spm/.git A Post-Processor for SGMLS... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-sgmls/.git A Post-Processor for SGMLS... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-socket6/.git getaddrinfo/getnameinfo suppor... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-sort-versions/.git Sort::Versions - a perl 5... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-sub-identify/.git Retrieve names of code references 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-super/.git Control superclass method... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-switch/.git A switch statement for Perl 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-test-inter/.git Framework for more readable... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-test-mockmodule/.git Override subroutines in a... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-test-pod-coverage/.git CPAN Test::Pod::Coverage module 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-test-pod/.git Check for POD errors in files 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-text-csv/.git comma-separated values manipulator 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-text-diff/.git Perform diffs on files and... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-timedate/.git Date formating subroutines 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-tk/.git A graphical user interface... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-try-tiny/.git Minimal try/catch with proper... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-uri/.git Uniform Resource Identifiers... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-www-robotrules/.git Database of robots.txt-derived... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-xml-namespacesupport/.git Generic namespace helpers... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-xml-parser/.git Expat-based XML parser module... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-xml-sax-base/.git Base class SAX Drivers and... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-xml-sax/.git Simple API for XML 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-xml-simple/.git Simple XML parser for perl 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-xml-xpath/.git A set of modules for parsing... 6 months ago
dev-perl/perl-yaml/.git Perl/CPAN Module YAML : YAML... 6 months ago
dev-php/.git 6 months ago
dev-php/composer/.git Dependency Manager for PHP 6 months ago
dev-php/pdepend/.git A tool for PHP software metrics 6 months ago
dev-php/php-box/.git An application for building... 6 months ago
dev-php/php-codesniffer/.git PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes... 6 months ago
dev-php/php-cs-fixer/.git Analyzes some PHP source code... 6 months ago
dev-php/phpcov/.git A command-line frontend for... 6 months ago
dev-php/phpdocumentor2/.git Documentation Generator for PHP 6 months ago
dev-php/phpdox/.git Documentation generator for... 6 months ago
dev-php/phploc/.git A tool for quickly measuring... 6 months ago
dev-php/phpmetrics/.git A static analysis tool for PHP 6 months ago
dev-php/phptok/.git A tool for quickly dumping... 6 months ago
dev-php/phpunit-skeleton-generator/.git A tool that can generate skele... 6 months ago
dev-php/phpunit/.git PHPUnit is a programmer-orient... 6 months ago
dev-php/producer/.git Producer is a command-line... 6 months ago
dev-python/.git 6 months ago
dev-python/cython/.git C-Extensions for Python 6 months ago
dev-python/flake8/.git The modular source code checke... 6 months ago
dev-python/m2r/.git Markdown to reStructuredText... 6 months ago
dev-python/pep8/.git Python style guide checker 6 months ago
dev-python/pyatspi/.git Powerful and Lightweight Pytho... 6 months ago
dev-python/pycrypto/.git Converts OpenType and TrueType... 6 months ago
dev-python/pycups/.git Python bindings for GObject... 6 months ago
dev-python/pycurl/.git Symbolic constants in Python No commits
dev-python/pygobject/.git Invoke py.test as distutils... 6 months ago
dev-python/pygobject2/.git Python bindings for GObject... 6 months ago
dev-python/pygtk/.git Python bindings for the GTK... 6 months ago
dev-python/pygtksourceview2/.git Python bindings for gtksourceview2 6 months ago
dev-python/pykf5/.git IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library 6 months ago
dev-python/pylint/.git Analyzes Python code looking... 6 months ago
dev-python/pyopengl/.git The cross platform Python... 6 months ago
dev-python/pypy/.git A Python implementation writte... 6 months ago
dev-python/pyqt4/.git Python bindings for GObject... 6 months ago
dev-python/pyqt5/.git Service identity verification... 6 months ago
dev-python/pysmbc/.git C parser and AST generator... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-anytree/.git Powerful and Lightweight Pytho... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-apipkg/.git Namespace control and lazy... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-appdirs/.git A small Python module for... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-asn1crypto/.git Python ASN.1 library with... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-astroid/.git Useful miscellaneous modules... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-attrs/.git Attributes without boilerplate. 6 months ago
dev-python/python-automat/.git Self-service finite-state... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-babel/.git A collection of tools for... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-beaker/.git Caching and sessions WSGI... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-beautifulsoup4/.git A Python HTML/XML parser desig... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-blessings/.git A thin, practical wrapper... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-cairo/.git Python bindings for the cairo... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-cffi/.git Foreign Function Interface... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-characteristic/.git Python attributes without... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-chardet/.git Implementation of lex and... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-click/.git A simple wrapper around optpar... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-cloudpickle/.git Extended pickling support... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-commonmark/.git Python parser for the CommonMa... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-configobj/.git Simple but powerful config... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-constantly/.git Symbolic constants in Python 6 months ago
dev-python/python-coverage/.git A tool for measuring code... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-cryptography/.git A package designed to expose... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-cssselect/.git Python parser for the CommonMa... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-cycler/.git Composable style cycles 6 months ago
dev-python/python-dask/.git Minimal task scheduling abstra... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-dateutil/.git Provides powerful extensions... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-dbus/.git Python bindings for DBUS 6 months ago
dev-python/python-decorator/.git Python Decorator module 6 months ago
dev-python/python-distributed/.git A python library for distribut... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-distutils-extra/.git Enhancements to the Python... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-execnet/.git Rapid multi-Python deployment 6 months ago
dev-python/python-flaky/.git Plugin for nose or py.test... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-fonttools/.git Converts OpenType and TrueType... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-genty/.git Allows you to run a test with... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-heapdict/.git A python library for a heap... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-html5lib/.git Implementation of lex and... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-httplib2/.git Comprehensive HTTP client... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-hyperlink/.git A featureful, correct URL... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-idna/.git Internationalized Domain Names... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-imagesize/.git Getting image size from png... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-importlib-metadata/.git Read metadata from Python... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-incremental/.git A small library that versions... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-ipy/.git Class and tools for handling... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-isodate/.git This module implements ISO... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-jedi/.git Python ASN.1 library with... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-jinja/.git A simple pythonic template... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-lazy-object-proxy/.git A fast and thorough lazy objec... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-logilab-common/.git Useful miscellaneous modules... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-lxml/.git Analyzes Python code looking... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-m2crypto/.git A crypto and SSL toolkit for... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-mako/.git Hyperfast and lightweight... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-markdown/.git Python implementation of John... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-markupsafe/.git Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-matplotlib/.git A python plotting library... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-mccabe/.git McCabe complexity checker... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-mistune/.git The fastest markdown parser... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-mock/.git Mocking and Patching Library... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-msgpack/.git Python bindings for gtksourceview2 6 months ago
dev-python/python-ndg-httpsclient/.git Provides enhanced HTTPS suppor... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-networkx/.git Python package for the creatio... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-nose/.git A discovery-based unittest... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-numpy/.git Scientific tools for Python 6 months ago
dev-python/python-olefile/.git Python library to parse, read... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-packaging/.git Core utilities for Python... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-parso/.git Python parser that supports... 6 months ago
dev-python/ A module wrapper for os.path 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pbr/.git Python Build Reasonableness 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pillow/.git Python Imaging Library (PIL... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pip/.git The PyPA recommended tool... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pluggy/.git Plugin and hook calling mechan... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-ply/.git Implementation of lex and... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pretend/.git A library for stubbing in... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-psutil/.git Python bindings for the GTK... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-psycopg2/.git A PostgreSQL database adapter... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-ptyprocess/.git Run a subprocess in a pseudo... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-py/.git library with cross-python... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyalsa/.git Python binding for the ALSA... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyasn1-modules/.git A collection of ASN.1-based... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyasn1/.git Implementation of lex and... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pycodestyle/.git Python style guide checker 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pycparser/.git C parser and AST generator... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pycurl/.git Python library to access freed... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pydbus/.git Pythonic D-Bus library 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyflakes/.git A lint-like tool for Python... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pygments/.git Python syntax highlighter 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyopenssl/.git Python Sphinx Read The Docs... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyparsing/.git General parsing module for... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pysocks/.git SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pysqlite/.git Symbolic constants in Python No commits
dev-python/python-pystemmer/.git Snowball stemming algorithms... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pysvn/.git Python3 SVN Extension. 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pytest-flake8/.git pytest plugin to check FLAKE8... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pytest-plugins/.git Python 2 and 3 compatibility... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pytest-runner/.git Invoke py.test as distutils... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pytest/.git Simple powerful testing with... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pytz/.git Pythonic D-Bus library 6 months ago
dev-python/python-pyudev/.git Python bindings to libudev 6 months ago
dev-python/python-rdflib/.git A Python library for working... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-recommonmark/.git Markdown parser for docutils 6 months ago
dev-python/python-requests/.git Python HTTP for Humans 6 months ago
dev-python/python-service-identity/.git Service identity verification... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-setuptools-scm/.git Handles managing your python... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-setuptools/.git Easily download, build, instal... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-six/.git Python 2 and 3 compatibility... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-snowballstemmer/.git Snowball stemming library... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-soappy/.git A module which implements... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sortedcollections/.git A python library for sorted... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sortedcontainers/.git Python Sorted Container Types... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sparqlwrapper/.git SPARQL Endpoint interface... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sphinx-alabaster-theme/.git Sphinx default theme 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sphinx/.git Python Build Reasonableness 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sphinx_rtd_theme/.git Python Sphinx Read The Docs... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-sphinxcontrib-websupport/.git Sphinx API for Web Apps 6 months ago
dev-python/python-tblib/.git Python traceback fiddling... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-toolz/.git A set of utility functions... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-tornado/.git open source version of the... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-tox/.git Python virtualenv management... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-twisted/.git Asynchronous networking framew... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-typing/.git C parser and AST generator... No commits
dev-python/python-urllib3/.git HTTP library with thread-safe... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-virtualenv/.git Virtual Python Environment... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-whoosh/.git Fast, pure-Python full text... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-wrapt/.git A Python module for decorators... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-yaml/.git Python bindings for YAML,... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-zict/.git A python library for Mutable... 6 months ago
dev-python/python-zope-interface/.git C parser and AST generator... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-backports-abc/.git A backport of recent additions... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-cairo/.git Python2 bindings for the cairo... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-configparser/.git This library brings the update... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-contextlib2/.git contextlib2 is a backport... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-elementtree/.git Provides light-weight componen... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-enum34/.git Python 3.4 Enum backported 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-funcsigs/.git Python function signatures... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-ipaddress/.git IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-pathlib2/.git Object-oriented filesystem... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-pyric/.git Linux wireless library for... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-singledispatch/.git Implementation of functools... 6 months ago
dev-python/python2-typing/.git Backport of the standard libra... 6 months ago
dev-python/pyxdg/.git Python library to access freed... 6 months ago
dev-python/pyxml/.git Python XML, Dependency for... 6 months ago
dev-python/scapy/.git A powerful interactive packet... 6 months ago
dev-python/sip/.git Python bindings for the GTK... 6 months ago
dev-python/wxpython/.git A wxWidgets GUI toolkit for... 6 months ago
dev-qt/.git 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt-installer-framework/.git The Qt Installer Framework... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt4-webkit/.git An open source web browser... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt4/.git A cross-platform application... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt4pas/.git Free Pascal Qt4 Binding Library 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-3d/.git C++ and QML APIs for easy... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-base/.git A cross-platform application... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-charts/.git A set of easy to use chart... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-connectivity/.git Provides access to Bluetooth... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-datavis3d/.git Provides multiple graph types... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-declarative/.git Classes for QML and JavaScript... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-doc/.git A cross-platform application... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-enginio/.git A Backend-as-a-Service solutio... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-examples/.git Examples and demos from qt5... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-gamepad/.git Support for getting events... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-graphicaleffects/.git Graphical effects for use... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-imageformats/.git Plugins for additional image... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-location/.git Provides access to position... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-multimedia/.git Classes for audio, video,... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-networkauth/.git Classes for Qt5 NetworkAuth 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-purchasing/.git Qt Purchasing module 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-qtactiveqt/.git ActiveQt is a Windows Desktop... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-quickcontrols/.git Reusable Qt Quick based UI... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-quickcontrols2/.git Next generation user interface... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-remoteobjects/.git Qt RemoteObjects module 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-script/.git Classes for making Qt applicat... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-scxml/.git Qt Scxml module 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-sensors/.git Provides access to sensor... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-serialbus/.git Qt module for general purpose... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-serialport/.git Provides access to hardware... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-speech/.git Qt TextToSpeech module 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-svg/.git Classes for displaying the... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-tools/.git A cross-platform application... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-translations/.git A cross-platform application... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-virtualkeyboard/.git Virtual keyboard framework 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-wayland/.git Provides APIs for Wayland 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-webchannel/.git Provides access to QObject... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-webengine/.git Provides support for web appli... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-webglplugin/.git QPA plugin for running an... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-webkit/.git Classes for a WebKit2 based... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-websockets/.git Provides WebSocket communicati... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-webview/.git Qt WebView module 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-x11extras/.git Provides platform-specific... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5-xmlpatterns/.git Support for XPath, XQuery... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5/.git A set of easy to use chart... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qt5pas/.git Free Pascal Qt5 binding librar... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qtav/.git A cross-platform multimedia... 6 months ago
dev-qt/qtchooser/.git Wrap the other Qt tools by... 6 months ago
dev-ruby/.git 6 months ago
dev-ruby/asciidoctor/.git An implementation of AsciiDoc... 6 months ago
dev-ruby/aws-sdk-cpp/.git AWS SDK for C++ 6 months ago
dev-tex/.git 6 months ago
dev-tex/biber/.git A Unicode-capable BibTeX repla... 6 months ago
dev-tex/biblatex-biber/.git The TeX Live package is a... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/.git 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-bibtexextra/.git TeX Live - Additional BibTeX... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-bin/.git TeX Live core distribution 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-core/.git TeX Live core distribution 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-extra/.git TeX Live - Large collection... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-fontsextra/.git TeX Live - all sorts of extra... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-formatsextra/.git TeX Live - collection of extra... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-games/.git TeX Live - Setups for typesett... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-humanities/.git TeX Live - LaTeX packages... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-langchinese/.git TeX Live - Fonts and macro... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-langcyrillic/.git TeX Live - Fonts and macro... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-langextra/.git TeX Live - Bundle of all extra... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-langgreek/.git TeX Live - Fonts and support... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-langjapanese/.git TeX Live - Fonts and macro... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-langkorean/.git TeX Live - Fonts and macro... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-latexextra/.git TeX Live - Large collection... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-music/.git TeX Live - Music typesetting... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-pictures/.git TeX Live - Packages for drawin... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-pstricks/.git TeX Live - Additional PSTricks... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-publishers/.git TeX Live - LaTeX classes and... 6 months ago
dev-texlive/texlive-science/.git TeX Live - Typesetting for... 6 months ago
dev-utils/.git 6 months ago
dev-utils/appdata-tools/.git command line program designed... 6 months ago
dev-utils/babeltrace/.git Command-line trace converter 6 months ago
dev-utils/cargo/.git Rust package manager 6 months ago
dev-utils/catfish/.git Versatile file searching tool 6 months ago
dev-utils/cbindgen/.git A tool for generating C bindin... 6 months ago
dev-utils/ccache/.git A compiler cache 6 months ago
dev-utils/cmake/.git A cross-platform open-source... 6 months ago
dev-utils/cmocka/.git Elegant unit testing framework... 6 months ago
dev-utils/ctags/.git Generates an index file of... 6 months ago
dev-utils/flatpak/.git Linux application sandboxing... 6 months ago
dev-utils/fontforge/.git Outline and bitmap font editor 6 months ago
dev-utils/ftjam/.git FT Jam - an enhanced version... 6 months ago
dev-utils/gendesk/.git Utility for generating desktop... 6 months ago
dev-utils/glslang/.git An OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader... 6 months ago
dev-utils/gn/.git Meta-build system that generat... 6 months ago
dev-utils/gperftools/.git Fast, multi-threaded malloc... 6 months ago
dev-utils/gtk-doc/.git Documentation tool for public... 6 months ago
dev-utils/gyp/.git "Generate Your Projects" Meta... 6 months ago
dev-utils/hardening-check/.git Check binaries for security... 6 months ago
dev-utils/hardening-wrapper/.git Wrapper scripts for building... 6 months ago
dev-utils/intltool/.git The internationalization tool... 6 months ago
dev-utils/itstool/.git XML to PO and back again 6 months ago
dev-utils/iucode-tool/.git Tool to manipulate Intel®... 6 months ago
dev-utils/kup/.git Kup is a file upload utility... 6 months ago
dev-utils/lld/.git Linker from the LLVM project 6 months ago
dev-utils/lldb/.git Next generation, high-performa... 6 months ago
dev-utils/marked/.git A markdown parser built for... 6 months ago
dev-utils/meson/.git High productivity build system 6 months ago
dev-utils/minimist/.git A markdown parser built for... 6 months ago
dev-utils/minisign/.git A dead simple tool to sign... 6 months ago
dev-utils/ninja/.git Small build system with a... 6 months ago
dev-utils/ostree/.git Operating system and container... 6 months ago
dev-utils/qbs/.git Cross platform build tool 6 months ago
dev-utils/ragel/.git Compiles finite state machines... 6 months ago
dev-utils/re2c/.git A tool for generating C-based... 6 months ago
dev-utils/remake/.git Enhanced GNU Make - tracing... 6 months ago
dev-utils/rpcsvc-proto/.git rpcsvc protocol definitions... 6 months ago
dev-utils/scons/.git Extensible Python-based build... 6 months ago
dev-utils/source-highlight/.git Convert source code to syntax... 6 months ago
dev-utils/spirv-tools/.git API and commands for processin... 6 months ago
dev-utils/strace/.git A diagnostic, debugging and... 6 months ago
dev-utils/waf/.git General-purpose build system... 6 months ago
dev-utils/xdg-dbus-proxy/.git D-Bus proxy 6 months ago
dev-utils/xdg-desktop-portal/.git Desktop integration portals... 6 months ago
dev-vcs/.git 6 months ago
dev-vcs/git/.git the fast distributed version... 6 months ago
dev-vcs/mercurial/.git A scalable distributed SCM... 6 months ago
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs-nautilus/.git Nautilus front-end for RabbitVCS 6 months ago
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs-thunar/.git Thunar front-end for RabbitVCS 6 months ago
dev-vcs/rabbitvcs/.git A project with the goal of... 6 months ago
dev-vcs/sparkleshare/.git Collaboration and sharing... 6 months ago
dev-vcs/subversion/.git A Modern Concurrent Version... 6 months ago
enlightenment/.git 6 months ago
enlightenment/bullet/.git A 3D Collision Detection and... 6 months ago
enlightenment/connman/.git Wireless LAN network manager 6 months ago
enlightenment/econnman/.git Enlightenment ConnMan user... 6 months ago
enlightenment/ecrire/.git Simple text editor based on EFL 6 months ago
enlightenment/efl/.git Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 6 months ago
enlightenment/emotion_generic_players/.git Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 6 months ago
enlightenment/empc/.git EFL based MPD frontend 6 months ago
enlightenment/enlightenment/.git Enlightenment window manager 6 months ago
enlightenment/enventor/.git The dynamic EDC editor to... 6 months ago
enlightenment/epdfview/.git Lightweight PDF document viewer 6 months ago
enlightenment/ephoto/.git Ephoto: Image viewer based... 6 months ago
enlightenment/epour/.git Torrent client based on EFL 6 months ago
enlightenment/espeak/.git Text to Speech engine for... 6 months ago
enlightenment/evas_generic_loaders/.git Additional generic loaders... 6 months ago
enlightenment/ewebkit/.git Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 6 months ago
enlightenment/expedite/.git Performance and correctness... 6 months ago
enlightenment/exquisite/.git Bootsplash program able to... 6 months ago
enlightenment/extra/.git Extra: Allows you to install... 6 months ago
enlightenment/fle/.git FLTK utility widgets 6 months ago
enlightenment/python-efl/.git bindings for the Enlightenmen... 6 months ago
enlightenment/rage/.git Video + Audio player along... 6 months ago
enlightenment/terminology/.git EFL based terminal emulator 6 months ago
games/.git 6 months ago
games/gens-gs/.git 6 months ago
games/gens/.git A Sega Genesis / Sega CD ... 6 months ago
games/gnuchess/.git Play chess against the compute... 6 months ago
games/pcsx2/.git 6 months ago
games/pysolfc-cardsets/.git A collection of cardsets adapt... 6 months ago
games/pysolfc/.git PySol (Fan Club edition) is... 6 months ago
gnome-base/.git 6 months ago
gnome-base/adwaita-icon-theme/.git GNOME standard icons 6 months ago
gnome-base/baobab/.git A graphical directory tree... 6 months ago
gnome-base/caribou/.git A text entry and UI navigation... 6 months ago
gnome-base/cheese/.git Take photos and videos with... 6 months ago
gnome-base/dconf-editor/.git dconf-editor. 6 months ago
gnome-base/dconf/.git Configuration database system 6 months ago
gnome-base/eog/.git Eye of Gnome: An image viewing... 6 months ago
gnome-base/epiphany/.git A GNOME web browser based... 6 months ago
gnome-base/evince/.git Document viewer (PDF, Postscri... 6 months ago
gnome-base/evolution-data-server/.git Centralized access to appointm... 6 months ago
gnome-base/file-roller/.git Create and modify archives 6 months ago
gnome-base/folks/.git Library to aggregates people... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gcab/.git A tool and library mainly... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gconf/.git A configuration database system 6 months ago
gnome-base/gcr/.git A library for bits of crypto... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gdl/.git GNOME Docking Library 6 months ago
gnome-base/gdm/.git Display manager and login... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gedit/.git GNOME Text Editor 6 months ago
gnome-base/geocode-glib/.git Helper library for geocoding... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gfbgraph/.git GLib/GObject wrapper for the... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gjs/.git Javascript Bindings for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/glib-openssl/.git Network-related giomodule... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-applets/.git Small applications for the... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-autoar/.git Automatic archives creating... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-backgrounds/.git Background images and data... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-bluetooth/.git The GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-calculator/.git GNOME Scientific calculator 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-calendar/.git Simple and beautiful calendar... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-clocks/.git Clocks applications for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-color-manager/.git GNOME Color Profile Tools 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-common/.git Common development macros... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-contacts/.git Contacts Manager for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-control-center/.git GNOME's main interface to... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-desktop/.git Library with common API for... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-dictionary/.git Look up words in dictionary... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-disk-utility/.git Disk Management Utility for... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-doc-utils/.git Documentation utilities for... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-flashback/.git GNOME Flashback session 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-font-viewer/.git A font viewer utility for... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-getting-started-docs/.git Help a new user get started... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-initial-setup/.git Simple, easy, and safe way... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-keyring/.git Stores passwords and encryptio... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-logs/.git A log viewer for the systemd... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-menus/.git GNOME menu specifications 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-online-accounts/.git Single sign-on framework for... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-online-miners/.git Crawls through your online... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-panel/.git Panel of GNOME Flashback 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-photos/.git Access, organize, and share... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-power-manager/.git System power information and... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-screenshot/.git Take pictures of your screen 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-session/.git The GNOME Session Handler 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon/.git GNOME Settings Daemon 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-shell-extensions/.git Extensions for GNOME shell... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-shell-themes/.git Collection of shell themes... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-shell/.git Next generation desktop shell 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-sound-recorder/.git A utility to make simple audio... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-system-monitor/.git View current processes and... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-terminal/.git The GNOME Terminal Emulator 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-themes-extra/.git Extra Themes for GNOME Applica... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-tweaks/.git Graphical interface for advanc... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-user-docs/.git User documentation for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-video-effects/.git A collection of GStreamer... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gnome-weather/.git Access current weather conditi... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gsettings-desktop-schemas/.git Shared GSettings schemas for... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gsound/.git Small library for playing... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gspell/.git A flexible API to implement... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gtksourceview3/.git A text widget adding syntax... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gtksourceview4/.git A text widget adding syntax... 6 months ago
gnome-base/gvfs/.git Virtual filesystem implementat... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libchamplain/.git A map widget 6 months ago
gnome-base/libcryptui/.git Library for OpenPGP prompts 6 months ago
gnome-base/libdazzle/.git A library to delight your... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgdata/.git GLib-based library for accessi... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgepub/.git Simple library to read epub... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgexiv2/.git GObject-based wrapper around... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgnomekbd/.git Keyboard management library 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgrss/.git Glib-based library to manage... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgsf/.git An extensible I/O abstraction... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgtop/.git A library for collecting syste... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgweather/.git Location and timezone database... 6 months ago
gnome-base/libgxps/.git XPS Documents library 6 months ago
gnome-base/libpeas/.git A GObject plugins library 6 months ago
gnome-base/libzapojit/.git GLib/GObject wrapper for the... 6 months ago
gnome-base/metacity/.git Window manager of GNOME Flashback 6 months ago
gnome-base/mutter/.git A window manager for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/nautilus/.git Default file manager for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/notification-daemon/.git Server implementation of the... 6 months ago
gnome-base/orca/.git Screen reader for individuals... 6 months ago
gnome-base/polkit-gnome/.git Legacy polkit authentication... 6 months ago
gnome-base/rhythmbox/.git Music playback and management... 6 months ago
gnome-base/shotwell/.git A digital photo organizer... 6 months ago
gnome-base/totem-plparser/.git Simple GObject-based library... 6 months ago
gnome-base/totem/.git Movie player for the GNOME... 6 months ago
gnome-base/tracker-miners/.git Collection of data extractors... 6 months ago
gnome-base/tracker/.git Desktop-neutral user informati... 6 months ago
gnome-base/vte3/.git Virtual Terminal Emulator... 6 months ago
gnome-base/yelp-xsl/.git Document transformations from... 6 months ago
gnome-base/yelp/.git Get help with GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-base/zenity/.git Display graphical dialog boxes... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/.git 6 months ago
gnome-extra/accerciser/.git Interactive Python accessibili... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/amtk/.git Actions, Menus and Toolbars... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/anjuta-extras/.git Anjuta Integrated Development... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/anjuta/.git GNOME Integrated Development... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/aravis/.git A vision library for genicam... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/brasero/.git A disc burning application... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/buildstream/.git Framework for modelling build... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/chrome-gnome-shell/.git Native connector for extension... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/chronojump/.git Measurement, management and... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/d-feet/.git D-Bus debugger for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-extra/devhelp/.git API documentation browser... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/easytag/.git Simple application for viewing... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/empathy/.git A GNOME instant messaging... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/eog-plugins/.git Plugins for Eye of Gnome 6 months ago
gnome-extra/evolution-ews/.git MS Exchange integration throug... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/evolution-mapi/.git MAPI plugin for evolution. 6 months ago
gnome-extra/evolution/.git Manage your email, contacts... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/filemanager-actions/.git File-manager extension which... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/frogr/.git A flickr remote organizer... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/geary/.git A lightweight email client... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gedit-plugins/.git Collection of plugins for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/genius/.git Advanced calculator including... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/ghex/.git A simple binary editor for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gingerblue/.git Free Music Software for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gitg/.git A GIT repository viewer based... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/glabels/.git Creating labels and business... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/glom/.git An easy-to-use database design... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-books/.git Access and organize your e... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-boxes/.git Simple GNOME application to... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-builder/.git An IDE for writing GNOME-based... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-characters/.git A character map application 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-code-assistance/.git Code assistance services for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-commander/.git Graphical two-pane filemanager... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-devel-docs/.git Developer documentation for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-directory-thumbnailer/.git GNOME thumbnailer to generate... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-documents/.git A document manager application... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-games/.git Simple game launcher for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-icon-theme-extras/.git Extra GNOME icons for specific... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-icon-theme-symbolic/.git GNOME icon theme, symbolic... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-icon-theme/.git GNOME icon theme 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-internet-radio-locator/.git Easily find live radio program... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-kra-ora-thumbnailer/.git A thumbnailer for KRA ( Krita... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-latex/.git LaTeX editor for the GNOME... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-maps/.git A simple GNOME 3 maps application 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-multi-writer/.git Write an ISO file to multiple... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-music/.git Music player and management... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-nettool/.git Graphical interface for variou... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-notes/.git Write out notes, every detail... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-packagekit/.git Collection of graphical tools... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-recipes/.git Recipe management application... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock/.git Move the dash out of the overv... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel/.git Extension for GNOME shell... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-shell-extension-freon/.git Displays: CPU temperature... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-software/.git GNOME Software Tools 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-todo/.git Task manager for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-usage/.git GNOME application to view... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-user-share/.git Easy to use user-level file... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnome-video-arcade/.git Simple GTK3 MAME front-end 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnote/.git A note taking application 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gnumeric/.git A GNOME Spreadsheet Program 6 months ago
gnome-extra/goffice/.git A GLib/GTK+ set of document... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/goobox/.git CD player and ripper for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-extra/goocanvas/.git A cairo canvas widget for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gthumb/.git Image browser and viewer for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gtk-internet-radio-locator/.git Easily find live radio program... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gtk-vnc/.git A VNC viewer widget for GTK+ 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gtkhtml4/.git A lightweight HTML renderer... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gtkmm-documentation/.git Native connector for extension... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gtksourceview2/.git A text widget adding syntax... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gtranslator/.git An enhanced gettext po file... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gucharmap/.git Gnome Unicode Charmap 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gupnp-av/.git Library to ease handling and... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/gxml/.git GXml is a GObject API that... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/jsonrpc-glib/.git JSON-RPC library for GLib 6 months ago
gnome-extra/krb5-auth-dialog/.git Monitors Kerberos tickets... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/lasem/.git SVG and Mathml rendering library 6 months ago
gnome-extra/latexila/.git A LaTeX editor designed for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libepc/.git Easy Publish and Consume Library 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libgda/.git Database access library 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libgit2-glib/.git GLib wrapper for libgit2 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libglade/.git Allows you to load glade inter... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libgnome-keyring/.git GNOME keyring client library 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libgovirt/.git oVirt is a GObject wrapper... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/libmanette/.git Simple GObject game controller... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/mailnag-gnome-shell/.git GNOME-Shell extension that... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/meld/.git Visual diff and merge tool 6 months ago
gnome-extra/mousetweaks/.git Mouse accessibility enhancements 6 months ago
gnome-extra/msitools/.git Set of programs to inspect... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/nautilus-sendto/.git Nautilus context menu for... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/phodav/.git WebDav server implementation... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/polari/.git An IRC Client for GNOME 6 months ago
gnome-extra/python2-nautilus/.git Python bindings for the Nautil... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/recipes/.git A GNOME recipes cooking book 6 months ago
gnome-extra/retro-gtk/.git Toolkit to write Gtk+ 3 based... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/rygel/.git UPnP AV MediaServer and MediaR... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/seahorse/.git GNOME application for managing... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/sensors-applet/.git Applet for GNOME Panel to... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/simple-scan/.git Simple scanning utility 6 months ago
gnome-extra/sound-juicer/.git A cd ripper application 6 months ago
gnome-extra/sushi/.git A quick previewer for Nautilus 6 months ago
gnome-extra/sysprof/.git a profiling tool that helps... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/telegnome/.git GNOME Teletext viewer 6 months ago
gnome-extra/template-glib/.git Library to help you generate... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/tepl/.git Text editor product line 6 months ago
gnome-extra/vinagre/.git A VNC Client for the GNOME... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/vino/.git a VNC server for the GNOME... 6 months ago
gnome-extra/yelp-tools/.git Tools for creating Yelp docume... 6 months ago
gnome-game/.git 6 months ago
gnome-game/aisleriot/.git A collection of patience games... 6 months ago
gnome-game/atomix/.git Build molecules out of single... 6 months ago
gnome-game/five-or-more/.git Remove colored balls from... 6 months ago
gnome-game/four-in-a-row/.git Make lines of the same color... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-2048/.git Obtain the 2048 tile 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-chess/.git Play the classic two-player... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-klotski/.git Slide blocks to solve the... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-mahjongg/.git Disassemble a pile of tiles... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-mines/.git Clear hidden mines from a... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-nibbles/.git Guide a worm around a maze 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-robots/.git Avoid the robots and make... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-sudoku/.git Test your logic skills in... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-taquin/.git Move tiles so that they reach... 6 months ago
gnome-game/gnome-tetravex/.git Complete the puzzle by matchin... 6 months ago
gnome-game/hitori/.git GTK+ application to generate... 6 months ago
gnome-game/iagno/.git Dominate the board in a classi... 6 months ago
gnome-game/libgnome-games-support/.git Code shared between GNOME... 6 months ago
gnome-game/lightsoff/.git Turn off all the lights 6 months ago
gnome-game/quadrapassel/.git Fit falling blocks together... 6 months ago
gnome-game/swell-foop/.git Clear the screen by removing... 6 months ago
gnome-game/tali/.git Beat the odds in a poker-style... 6 months ago
kde-apps/.git 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-calendar-tools/.git CLI tools to manage akonadi... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-calendar/.git Akonadi calendar integration 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-contacts/.git Libraries and daemons to imple... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-import-wizard/.git Import data from other mail... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-mime/.git Libraries and daemons to imple... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-notes/.git Libraries and daemons to imple... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi-search/.git Libraries and daemons to imple... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadi/.git PIM layer, which provides... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akonadiconsole/.git Akonadi management and debuggi... 6 months ago
kde-apps/akregator/.git A Feed Reader by KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/amarok/.git The powerful music player... 6 months ago
kde-apps/analitza/.git A library to add mathematical... 6 months ago
kde-apps/apper/.git An application and package... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ark/.git Archiving Tool 6 months ago
kde-apps/artikulate/.git Improve your pronunciation... 6 months ago
kde-apps/audiocd-kio/.git Kioslave for accessing audio CDs 6 months ago
kde-apps/babe/.git A tiny music collection manager 6 months ago
kde-apps/baloo-widgets/.git Widgets for Baloo 6 months ago
kde-apps/calendarsupport/.git Calendar Support library provi... 6 months ago
kde-apps/calligra/.git A set of applications for... 6 months ago
kde-apps/calligraplan/.git A project management applicati... 6 months ago
kde-apps/cantor/.git KDE Frontend to Mathematical... 6 months ago
kde-apps/cervisia/.git CVS Frontend 6 months ago
kde-apps/choqok/.git A Twitter/ social... 6 months ago
kde-apps/clazy/.git Qt oriented code checker based... 6 months ago
kde-apps/colord-kde/.git Interfaces and session daemon... 6 months ago
kde-apps/digikam/.git An advanced digital photo... 6 months ago
kde-apps/dolphin-plugins/.git Extra Dolphin plugins 6 months ago
kde-apps/dolphin/.git File Manager 6 months ago
kde-apps/dragon/.git A multimedia player where... 6 months ago
kde-apps/elisa/.git A simple music player aiming... 6 months ago
kde-apps/eventviews/.git Library for creating events 6 months ago
kde-apps/falkon/.git Cross-platform QtWebEngine... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ffmpegthumbs/.git FFmpeg-based thumbnail creator... 6 months ago
kde-apps/filelight/.git View disk usage information 6 months ago
kde-apps/grantlee-editor/.git Editor for Grantlee themes 6 months ago
kde-apps/grantlee/.git A string template engine based... 6 months ago
kde-apps/grantleetheme/.git Library for Grantlee theming... 6 months ago
kde-apps/gwenview/.git A fast and easy to use image... 6 months ago
kde-apps/heaptrack/.git A heap memory profiler for... 6 months ago
kde-apps/incidenceeditor/.git KDE PIM incidence editor 6 months ago
kde-apps/juk/.git A jukebox, tagger and music... 6 months ago
kde-apps/k3b/.git Feature-rich and easy to handl... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kaccounts-integration/.git Small system to administer... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kaccounts-providers/.git Small system to administer... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kaddressbook/.git KDE contact manager 6 months ago
kde-apps/kaffeine/.git KDE media player 6 months ago
kde-apps/kaidan/.git A user-friendly XMPP client... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kalarm/.git Personal alarm scheduler 6 months ago
kde-apps/kalarmcal/.git The KAlarm client library 6 months ago
kde-apps/kalgebra/.git Graph Calculator 6 months ago
kde-apps/kalzium/.git Periodic Table of Elements 6 months ago
kde-apps/kamera/.git KDE integration for gphoto2... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kamoso/.git A webcam recorder from KDE... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kanagram/.git Letter Order Game 6 months ago
kde-apps/kapptemplate/.git KDE Template Generator 6 months ago
kde-apps/kate/.git A simple music player aiming... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kbibtex/.git A BibTeX editor for KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/kblog/.git A blogging library for KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/kbruch/.git Exercise Fractions 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcachegrind/.git Visualization of Performance... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcalc/.git Scientific Calculator 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcalcore/.git The KDE calendar access library 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcalutils/.git The KDE calendar utility library 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcharselect/.git Character Selector 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcolorchooser/.git Color Chooser 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcontacts/.git Address book API for KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/kcron/.git Configure and schedule tasks 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdav/.git A DAV protocol implemention... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdb/.git A database connectivity and... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kde-accounts-kcm/.git KCM Module for configuring... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kde-dev-scripts/.git Scripts and setting files... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kde-dev-utils/.git Small utilities for developers... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdebugsettings/.git An application to enable/disab... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdeconnect/.git Adds communication between... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdeedu-data/.git Common data for KDE Edu applic... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdegraphics-mobipocket/.git A collection of plugins to... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdegraphics-thumbnailers/.git Thumbnailers for various graph... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdenetwork-filesharing/.git Properties dialog plugin to... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdenlive/.git A non-linear video editor... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdepim-addons/.git Addons for KDE PIM applications 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdepim-apps-libs/.git KDE PIM mail related libraries 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdepim-runtime/.git Extends the functionality... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdesdk-kioslaves/.git Browse a (remote) Subversion... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdesdk-thumbnailers/.git Plugins for the thumbnailing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdesvn/.git A pure C++ SVN-client for KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdevelop-pg-qt/.git KDevelop Parser Generator... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdevelop-php/.git PHP language and documentation... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdevelop-python/.git Python language and documentat... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdevelop/.git C++ IDE using KDE technologies 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdf/.git View Disk Usage 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdiagram/.git Powerful libraries for creatin... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kdialog/.git A utility for displaying dialo... 6 months ago
kde-apps/keditbookmarks/.git Bookmark Organizer and Editor 6 months ago
kde-apps/kexi/.git A visual database applications... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kfind/.git Find Files/Folders 6 months ago
kde-apps/kfloppy/.git Floppy Formatter 6 months ago
kde-apps/kgeography/.git Geography Trainer 6 months ago
kde-apps/kget/.git Download Manager 6 months ago
kde-apps/kgpg/.git A GnuPG frontend 6 months ago
kde-apps/kgraphviewer/.git A Graphviz dot graph file... 6 months ago
kde-apps/khelpcenter/.git Application to show KDE Applic... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kidentitymanagement/.git KDE PIM libraries 6 months ago
kde-apps/kig/.git Interactive Geometry 6 months ago
kde-apps/kimagemapeditor/.git HTML Image Map Editor 6 months ago
kde-apps/kimap/.git Job-based API for interacting... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kio-extras/.git Additional components to incre... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kio-gdrive/.git KIO Slave to access Google... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kipi-plugins/.git A collection of plugins extend... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kirigami-gallery/.git A QtQuick based components set 6 months ago
kde-apps/kiten/.git A Japanese reference tool 6 months ago
kde-apps/kitinerary/.git Data model and extraction... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kjots/.git A note taking application... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kldap/.git LDAP access API for KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/kleopatra/.git Certificate Manager and Unifie... 6 months ago
kde-apps/klettres/.git Learn The Alphabet 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmag/.git Screen Magnifier 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmail-account-wizard/.git KMail account wizard 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmail/.git KDE mail client 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmailtransport/.git Mail Transport Service 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmarkdownwebview/.git KPart for rendering Markdown... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmbox/.git Library for accessing mail... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmime/.git Library for handling mail... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmix/.git KDE volume control program 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmousetool/.git Clicks the mouse for you,... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmouth/.git Speech Synthesizer Frontend 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmplot/.git Mathematical Function Plotter 6 months ago
kde-apps/kmymoney/.git Personal finance manager for... 6 months ago
kde-apps/knetwalk/.git Connect all the terminals... 6 months ago
kde-apps/knotes/.git Popup notes 6 months ago
kde-apps/kolourpaint/.git Paint Program 6 months ago
kde-apps/kompare/.git Diff/Patch Frontend 6 months ago
kde-apps/konqueror/.git KDE File Manager & Web Browser 6 months ago
kde-apps/konsole/.git Terminal 6 months ago
kde-apps/kontact/.git Personal Information Manager 6 months ago
kde-apps/kontactinterface/.git Kontact Plugin Interface Library 6 months ago
kde-apps/konversation/.git A user friendly IRC client... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kopete/.git Instant Messenger 6 months ago
kde-apps/korganizer/.git Calendar and scheduling Program 6 months ago
kde-apps/kphotoalbum/.git KDE Photo Album, picture colle... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kpimtextedit/.git A textedit with PIM-specific... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kpkpass/.git Apple Wallet Pass reader 6 months ago
kde-apps/kpmcore/.git Library for managing partitions 6 months ago
kde-apps/kproperty/.git A property editing framework... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kqtquickcharts/.git A QtQuick plugin to render... 6 months ago
kde-apps/krdc/.git Remote Desktop Client 6 months ago
kde-apps/krename/.git A very powerful batch file... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kreport/.git A framework for creation and... 6 months ago
kde-apps/krfb/.git Desktop Sharing 6 months ago
kde-apps/krita/.git Edit and paint images 6 months ago
kde-apps/kronometer/.git A simple chronometer application. 6 months ago
kde-apps/kross-interpreters/.git Language interpreters to enabl... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kruler/.git Screen Ruler 6 months ago
kde-apps/krusader/.git Advanced twin panel (commander... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ksmtp/.git Job-based library to send... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kstars/.git Desktop Planetarium 6 months ago
kde-apps/ksystemlog/.git System log viewer tool 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktexteditorpreviewplugin/.git KTextEditor Document Preview... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktimer/.git Countdown Launcher 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktnef/.git API for handling TNEF data 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktoblzcheck/.git A library to check account... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktorrent/.git A powerful BitTorrent client... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktouch/.git Touch Typing Tutor 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-accounts-kcm/.git KCM Module for configuring... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-approver/.git KCM Module for configuring... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-auth-handler/.git Provide UI/KWallet Integration... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-call-ui/.git Voice/Video Call UI for Telepathy 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-common-internals/.git Common components for KDE... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-contact-list/.git KDE Telepathy contact list... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-contact-runner/.git KRunner plugin for KDE Telepathy 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-desktop-applets/.git The KDE-Telepathy Plasma deskt... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-filetransfer-handler/.git KDE Telepathy file transfer... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-kded-module/.git KDE Telepathy file transfer... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-send-file/.git A File manager plugin to launc... 6 months ago
kde-apps/ktp-text-ui/.git A File manager plugin to launc... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kturtle/.git Educational Programming Enviro... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kuickshow/.git A very fast and convenient... 6 months ago
kde-apps/kwalletmanager/.git Wallet management tool 6 months ago
kde-apps/kwave/.git A sound editor for KDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/kwordquiz/.git Flash Card Trainer 6 months ago
kde-apps/kxstitch/.git The program that lets you... 6 months ago
kde-apps/labplot/.git KDE Application for interactiv... 6 months ago
kde-apps/latte-dock/.git A dock based on Plasma Frameworks 6 months ago
kde-apps/libaccounts-qt/.git Qt-based client library for... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libalkimia/.git A library with common classes... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libgravatar/.git KDE PIM library providing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkcddb/.git KDE CDDB library 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkcompactdisc/.git A library for interfacing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkdcraw/.git A C++ interface used to decode... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkdepim/.git Libraries for KDE PIM applications 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkeduvocdocument/.git Common libraries for KDE Edu... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkexiv2/.git A library to manipulate pictur... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkgapi/.git A KDE-based library for access... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkgeomap/.git A wrapper around world map... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkipi/.git An interface to use kipi-plugi... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkleo/.git KDE PIM cryptographic library 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkmahjongg/.git Common code, backgrounds and... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkomparediff2/.git Library to compare files and... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libksane/.git An image scanning library 6 months ago
kde-apps/libksieve/.git KDE PIM library for managing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libktorrent/.git A BitTorrent protocol implemen... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libkvkontakte/.git C++ library for asynchronous... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libmediawiki/.git A KDE C++ interface for MediaW... 6 months ago
kde-apps/libqaccessibilityclient/.git Helper library to make writing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/lokalize/.git Computer-Aided Translation... 6 months ago
kde-apps/mailcommon/.git KDE PIM library providing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/mailimporter/.git Mail importer library 6 months ago
kde-apps/marble/.git Desktop Globe 6 months ago
kde-apps/massif-visualizer/.git Visualizer for Valgrind Massif... 6 months ago
kde-apps/mbox-importer/.git Import mbox files to KMail 6 months ago
kde-apps/messagelib/.git Message Library 6 months ago
kde-apps/minuet/.git A KDE Software for Music Education 6 months ago
kde-apps/okteta/.git KDE hex editor for viewing... 6 months ago
kde-apps/okular/.git Document Viewer 6 months ago
kde-apps/oxygen-gtk2/.git Port of the default KDE widget... 6 months ago
kde-apps/oxygen-gtk3/.git Port of the default KDE widget... 6 months ago
kde-apps/parley/.git Vocabulary Trainer 6 months ago
kde-apps/peruse/.git A comic book viewer based... 6 months ago
kde-apps/pim-data-exporter/.git Import and export KDE PIM... 6 months ago
kde-apps/pim-sieve-editor/.git Mail sieve editor 6 months ago
kde-apps/pimcommon/.git Common libraries for KDE PIM 6 months ago
kde-apps/plasma-pass/.git Plasma applet for the Pass... 6 months ago
kde-apps/poxml/.git Translates DocBook XML files... 6 months ago
kde-apps/print-manager/.git A tool for managing print... 6 months ago
kde-apps/pulseaudio-qt/.git Qt bindings for libpulse 6 months ago
kde-apps/rkward/.git KDE easy to use and easily... 6 months ago
kde-apps/rocs/.git Graph Theory IDE 6 months ago
kde-apps/signon-kwallet-extension/.git KWallet signon extension 6 months ago
kde-apps/skanlite/.git Image Scanning Application... 6 months ago
kde-apps/skrooge/.git A personal finances manager... 6 months ago
kde-apps/snoretoast/.git A command line application... 6 months ago
kde-apps/spectacle/.git KDE screenshot capture utility 6 months ago
kde-apps/step/.git Interactive Physical Simulator 6 months ago
kde-apps/svgpart/.git A KPart for viewing SVGs 6 months ago
kde-apps/sweeper/.git System Cleaner 6 months ago
kde-apps/symboleditor/.git Symbol editor for KXStitch 6 months ago
kde-apps/telepathy-logger-qt/.git Qt bindings for telepathy... 6 months ago
kde-apps/umbrello/.git UML modeller 6 months ago
kde-apps/wacomtablet/.git KDE GUI for the Wacom Linux... 6 months ago
kde-apps/yakuake/.git A drop-down terminal emulator... 6 months ago
kde-apps/zanshin/.git To-do management application... 6 months ago
kde-apps/zeroconf-ioslave/.git Network Monitor for DNS-SD... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/.git 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/attica-qt5/.git Qt5 library that implements... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/baloo/.git A framework for searching... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/bluez-qt/.git Qt wrapper for Bluez 5 DBus API 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/breeze-icons/.git Breeze icon themes 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/extra-cmake-modules/.git Extra modules and scripts... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/frameworkintegration/.git Framework providing components... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/gamin/.git File and directory monitoring... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kactivities-stats/.git Library to access the usage... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kactivities/.git Core components for the KDE... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kapidox/.git Frameworks API Documentation... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/karchive/.git Qt 5 addon providing access... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kauth/.git Abstraction to system policy... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kbookmarks/.git Support for bookmarks and... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kcmutils/.git Utilities for interacting... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kcodecs/.git Provide a collection of method... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kcompletion/.git Powerful completion framework 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kconfig/.git Configuration system 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kconfigwidgets/.git Widgets for KConfig 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kcoreaddons/.git Addons to QtCore 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kcrash/.git Support for application crash... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdbusaddons/.git Addons to QtDBus 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdeclarative/.git Provides integration of QML... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kded/.git Extensible deamon for providin... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdelibs4support/.git Porting aid from KDELibs4 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdesignerplugin/.git Integration of Frameworks... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdesu/.git Integration with su for elevat... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdewebkit/.git KDE Integration for QtWebKit 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdnssd/.git Abstraction to system DNSSD... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kdoctools/.git Documentation generation from... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kemoticons/.git Support for emoticons and... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kfilemetadata/.git A library for extracting file... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kglobalaccel/.git Add support for global workspa... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kguiaddons/.git Addons to QtGui 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kholidays/.git KDE library for regional holid... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/khtml/.git KHTML APIs 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/ki18n/.git Advanced internationalization... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kiconthemes/.git Support for icon themes 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kidletime/.git Monitoring user activity 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kimageformats/.git Image format plugins for Qt5 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kinit/.git Process launcher to speed... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kio/.git Resource and network access... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kirigami2/.git A QtQuick based components set 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kitemmodels/.git Models for Qt Model/View system 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kitemviews/.git Widget addons for Qt Model... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kjobwidgets/.git Widgets for tracking KJob... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kjs/.git Support for JS scripting in... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kjsembed/.git Embedded JS 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kmediaplayer/.git Plugin interface for media... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/knewstuff/.git Support for downloading applic... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/knotifications/.git Abstraction for system notific... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/knotifyconfig/.git Configuration system for KNotify 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kpackage/.git Framework that lets applicatio... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kparts/.git Document centric plugin system 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kpeople/.git A library that provides access... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kplotting/.git Lightweight plotting framework 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kpty/.git Pty abstraction 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kross/.git Multi-language application... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/krunner/.git Framework for providing differ... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kservice/.git Advanced plugin and service... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/ktexteditor/.git Advanced embeddable text editor 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/ktextwidgets/.git Advanced text editing widgets 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kunitconversion/.git Support for unit conversion 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kwallet/.git Secure and unified container... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kwayland/.git Qt-style Client and Server... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kwidgetsaddons/.git Addons to QtWidgets 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kwindowsystem/.git Access to the windowing system 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kxmlgui/.git User configurable main windows 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/kxmlrpcclient/.git XML-RPC client library for KDE 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/modemmanager-qt/.git Qt wrapper for ModemManager... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/networkmanager-qt/.git Qt wrapper for NetworkManager API 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/oxygen-icons/.git The Oxygen Icon Theme 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/plasma-framework/.git Plasma library and runtime... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/prison/.git A barcode API to produce QRCod... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/purpose/.git Framework for providing abstra... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/qqc2-desktop-style/.git A style for Qt Quick Controls... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/solid/.git Hardware integration and detection 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/sonnet/.git Spelling framework for Qt5 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/syndication/.git RSS/Atom parser library 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/syntax-highlighting/.git Syntax highlighting engine... 6 months ago
kde-frameworks/threadweaver/.git High-level multithreading... 6 months ago
kde-games/.git 6 months ago
kde-games/blinken/.git Memory Enhancement Game 6 months ago
kde-games/bomber/.git A single player arcade game 6 months ago
kde-games/bovo/.git A Gomoku like game for two... 6 months ago
kde-games/granatier/.git A clone of the classic Bomberm... 6 months ago
kde-games/kajongg/.git The ancient Chinese board... 6 months ago
kde-games/kapman/.git A clone of the well known... 6 months ago
kde-games/katomic/.git A fun and educational game... 6 months ago
kde-games/kblackbox/.git A game of hide and seek played... 6 months ago
kde-games/kblocks/.git The classic falling blocks... 6 months ago
kde-games/kbounce/.git A single player arcade game... 6 months ago
kde-games/kbreakout/.git A Breakout-like game 6 months ago
kde-games/kdiamond/.git A single player puzzle game 6 months ago
kde-games/kfourinline/.git A four-in-a-row game 6 months ago
kde-games/kgoldrunner/.git A game of action and puzzle... 6 months ago
kde-games/khangman/.git Hangman Game 6 months ago
kde-games/kigo/.git An open-source implementation... 6 months ago
kde-games/killbots/.git A simple game of evading kille... 6 months ago
kde-games/kiriki/.git An addictive and fun dice... 6 months ago
kde-games/kjumpingcube/.git A simple tactical game 6 months ago
kde-games/klickety/.git An adaptation of the Clickoman... 6 months ago
kde-games/klines/.git A simple but highly addictive... 6 months ago
kde-games/kmahjongg/.git A tile matching game for one... 6 months ago
kde-games/kmines/.git The classic Minesweeper game 6 months ago
kde-games/knavalbattle/.git A ship sinking game 6 months ago
kde-games/kolf/.git A miniature golf game with... 6 months ago
kde-games/kollision/.git A simple ball dodging game 6 months ago
kde-games/konquest/.git The KDE version of Gnu-Lactic 6 months ago
kde-games/kpat/.git Offers a selection of solitair... 6 months ago
kde-games/kreversi/.git A simple one player strategy... 6 months ago
kde-games/kshisen/.git A solitaire-like game played... 6 months ago
kde-games/ksirk/.git A computerized version of... 6 months ago
kde-games/ksnakeduel/.git A simple snake duel game 6 months ago
kde-games/kspaceduel/.git Each of two possible players... 6 months ago
kde-games/ksquares/.git A modeled after the well known... 6 months ago
kde-games/ksudoku/.git A logic-based symbol placement... 6 months ago
kde-games/kteatime/.git Tea Cooker 6 months ago
kde-games/ktuberling/.git A simple constructor game... 6 months ago
kde-games/kubrick/.git Based on the famous Rubik... 6 months ago
kde-games/libkdegames/.git Common code and data for many... 6 months ago
kde-games/libkdegames4/.git Common code and data for many... 6 months ago
kde-games/lskat/.git Lieutenant Skat is a fun and... 6 months ago
kde-games/palapeli/.git A single-player jigsaw puzzle... 6 months ago
kde-games/picmi/.git A nonogram logic game for KDE 6 months ago
kde-plasma/.git 6 months ago
kde-plasma/bluedevil/.git Integrate the Bluetooth techno... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/breeze-gtk/.git Breeze widget theme for GTK... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/breeze-plymouth/.git Breeze widget theme for plymouth 6 months ago
kde-plasma/breeze/.git Artwork, styles and assets... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/discover/.git KDE and Plasma resources manag... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/drkonqi/.git The KDE crash handler 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kactivitymanagerd/.git System service to manage user... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kde-cli-tools/.git Tools based on KDE Frameworks... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kde-gtk-config/.git GTK2 and GTK3 Configurator... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kdecoration/.git Plugin based library to create... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kdeplasma-addons/.git All kind of addons to improve... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kgamma5/.git Adjust your monitor's gamma... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/khotkeys/.git KHotKeys 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kinfocenter/.git A dedicated search application... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kmenuedit/.git KDE menu editor 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kscreen/.git KDE's screen management software 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kscreenlocker/.git Library and components for... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/ksshaskpass/.git ssh-add helper that uses kwall... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/ksysguard/.git Track and control the processe... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kwallet-pam/.git KWallet PAM integration 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kwayland-integration/.git Provides integration plugins... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kwin/.git An easy to use, but flexible... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/kwrited/.git KDE daemon listening for wall... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/libkscreen/.git KDE screen management software 6 months ago
kde-plasma/libksysguard/.git Library for managing processes... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/milou/.git A dedicated search application... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/oxygen/.git KDE Oxygen style 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-browser-integration/.git Components necessary to integr... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-desktop/.git KDE Plasma Desktop 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-integration/.git Qt Platform Theme integration... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-mediacenter/.git Plasma Media Center architecture 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-nm/.git Plasma applet written in QML... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-pa/.git Plasma applet for audio volume... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-sdk/.git Applications useful for Plasma... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-tests/.git Integration-tests for the... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-vault/.git Plasma applet and services... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-workspace-wallpapers/.git Additional wallpapers for... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plasma-workspace/.git KDE Plasma Workspace 6 months ago
kde-plasma/plymouth-kcm/.git A KCM for configuring Plymouth 6 months ago
kde-plasma/polkit-kde-agent/.git Daemon providing a polkit... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/powerdevil/.git Manages the power consumption... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/sddm-kcm/.git KDE Config Module for SDDM 6 months ago
kde-plasma/systemsettings/.git KDE system settings 6 months ago
kde-plasma/user-manager/.git A simple system settings modul... 6 months ago
kde-plasma/xdg-desktop-portal-kde/.git A backend implementation for... 6 months ago
lxqt/.git 6 months ago
lxqt/compton-conf/.git A graphical configuration... 6 months ago
lxqt/libfm-qt/.git Core library of PCManFM-Qt... 6 months ago
lxqt/liblxqt/.git Common base library for LXQt... 6 months ago
lxqt/libqtxdg/.git Library providing freedesktop... 6 months ago
lxqt/libsysstat/.git Library to query system statis... 6 months ago
lxqt/lx-control-center/.git A utility to display and launc... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxde-icon-theme/.git LXDE default icon theme based... 6 months ago
lxqt/lximage-qt/.git The LXQt image viewer 6 months ago
lxqt/lxmenu-data/.git desktop menus... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-about/.git LXQt about dialog. 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-admin/.git LXQt about dialog. 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-build-tools/.git lxqt build tools. 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-common/.git Common data to run a LXQt... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-config/.git LXQt system configuration. 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-connman-applet/.git LXQt system-tray applet for... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-globalkeys/.git LXQt daemon and library for... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-l10n/.git Translations localization... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-notificationd/.git LXQt notification daemon and... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-openssh-askpass/.git LXQt askpass dialog. 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-panel/.git The LXQt desktop panel 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-policykit/.git The LXQt policykit authenticat... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-powermanagement/.git LXQt power management daemon 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-qtplugin/.git LXQt platform integration... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-runner/.git The LXQt application launcher 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-session/.git The LXQt session 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-sudo/.git LXQt sudo dialog. 6 months ago
lxqt/lxqt-themes/.git Themes, graphics and icons... 6 months ago
lxqt/lxtask/.git Task manager of the LXDE Desktop 6 months ago
lxqt/menu-cache/.git Caching mechanism for freedesk... 6 months ago
lxqt/obconf-qt/.git Openbox configuration tool... 6 months ago
lxqt/pavucontrol-qt/.git Qt port of volume control. 6 months ago
lxqt/pcmanfm-qt/.git The LXQt file manager, Qt... 6 months ago
lxqt/qps/.git A visual process manager,... 6 months ago
lxqt/qterminal/.git A lightweight Qt-based termina... 6 months ago
lxqt/qtermwidget/.git A terminal widget for Qt,... 6 months ago
lxqt/screengrab/.git Crossplatform tool for grabbin... 6 months ago
mail-filter/.git 6 months ago
mail-filter/bogofilter/.git A fast Bayesian spam filtering... 6 months ago
mail-filter/razor/.git A distributed, collaborative... 6 months ago
mail-filter/spamassassin/.git A mail filter to identify... 6 months ago
media-fonts/.git 6 months ago
media-fonts/adobe-source-han-sans/.git Adobe Source Han Sans - A... 6 months ago
media-fonts/adobe-source-sans-pro-fonts/.git Sans serif font family for... 6 months ago
media-fonts/cantarell-fonts/.git Humanist sans serif font 6 months ago
media-fonts/font-alias/.git Luxi Truetype fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/font-bh-ttf/.git Luxi Truetype fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/font-bitstream-speedo/.git Bitstream Speedo fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/font-misc-ethiopic/.git Misc Ethiopic fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/font-misc-meltho/.git Misc Meltho fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/gnu-free-fonts/.git A free family of scalable... 6 months ago
media-fonts/gsfonts/.git (URW)++ Core Font Set [Level 2] 6 months ago
media-fonts/noto-fonts/.git Google Noto TTF fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-bitstream-vera/.git Bitstream Vera fonts. 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-caladea/.git Google's Caladea font 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-carlito/.git Googles Carlito font 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-dejavu/.git Font family based on the Bitst... 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-droid/.git General-purpose fonts released... 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-font-awesome/.git Iconic font designed for Bootstrap 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-freefont/.git Set of free outline fonts... 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-hack/.git A hand groomed and optically... 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-liberation/.git Red Hats Liberation fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-ubuntu-font-family/.git Ubuntu font family 6 months ago
media-fonts/ttf-urdufonts/.git Urdu fonts (Jameel Noori Nasta... 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-font-cyrillic/.git cyrillic fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-font-util/.git X.Org font utilities 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-fonts-100dpi/.git 100dpi fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-fonts-75dpi/.git 75dpi fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-fonts-encodings/.git font encoding files 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-fonts-misc/.git Type1 fonts 6 months ago
media-fonts/xorg-fonts-type1/.git Type1 fonts 6 months ago
media-grafix/.git 6 months ago
media-grafix/argyllcms/.git An ICC compatible color manage... 6 months ago
media-grafix/asymptote/.git A vector graphics language... 6 months ago
media-grafix/babl/.git Dynamic, any to any, pixel... 6 months ago
media-grafix/exif/.git A small command-line utility... 6 months ago
media-grafix/gd/.git Library for the dynamic creati... 6 months ago
media-grafix/gegl/.git Graph based image processing... 6 months ago
media-grafix/gegl02/.git Graph based image processing... 6 months ago
media-grafix/gegl03/.git Graph based image processing... 6 months ago
media-grafix/ghostscript/.git An interpreter for the PostScr... 6 months ago
media-grafix/glfw/.git Library for the dynamic creati... 6 months ago
media-grafix/gmic/.git Small library for rendering... 6 months ago
media-grafix/graphite/.git reimplementation of the SIL... 6 months ago
media-grafix/graphviz/.git Graph visualization software 6 months ago
media-grafix/harfbuzz/.git OpenType text shaping engine 6 months ago
media-grafix/icoutils/.git Extracts and converts images... 6 months ago
media-grafix/iec16022/.git Produce 2D barcodes often... 6 months ago
media-grafix/ijs/.git a library which implements... 6 months ago
media-grafix/ilmbase/.git Base libraries from ILM for... 6 months ago
media-grafix/imagemagick/.git An image viewing/manipulation... 6 months ago
media-grafix/jbig2dec/.git Decoder implementation of... 6 months ago
media-grafix/jbigkit/.git Data compression library/utili... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libabw/.git a library that parses the... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libart-lgpl/.git A library for high-performance... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libcdr/.git CorelDraw file format importer... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libcmis/.git a C/C++ client library for... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libdjvu/.git Suite to create, manipulate... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libe-book/.git Library for import of reflowab... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libemf/.git Library implementation of... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libetonyek/.git Library and a set of tools... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libexttextcat/.git N-Gram-Based Text Categorizati... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libgphoto2/.git The core library of gphoto2... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libixion/.git A general purpose formula... 6 months ago
media-grafix/liblangtag/.git interface library to access... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libmediaart/.git Library tasked with managing... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libmspub/.git Microsoft Publisher file forma... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libmwaw/.git Import library for some old... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libodfgen/.git Library for generating documen... 6 months ago
media-grafix/liborcus/.git File import filter library... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libpaper/.git Library for handling paper... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libraw/.git A library for reading RAW... 6 months ago
media-grafix/librevenge/.git library for REVerses ENGineere... 6 months ago
media-grafix/librsvg/.git SVG rendering library 6 months ago
media-grafix/libspectre/.git Small library for rendering... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libspiro/.git Simplifies the drawing of... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libvisio/.git Library providing ability... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libwebp/.git WebP library and conversion... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libwmf/.git A library for reading vector... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libwpd/.git Library for importing WordPerf... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libwpg/.git Library for importing and... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libwps/.git a Microsoft Works file word... 6 months ago
media-grafix/libzmf/.git a library for import of Zoner... 6 months ago
media-grafix/mdds/.git A collection of multi-dimensio... 6 months ago
media-grafix/metis/.git A set of serial programs for... 6 months ago
media-grafix/netpbm/.git A toolkit for manipulation... 6 months ago
media-grafix/openexr/.git An high dynamic-range image... 6 months ago
media-grafix/poppler-data/.git Encoding data for the poppler... 6 months ago
media-grafix/poppler/.git Library for importing and... 6 months ago
media-grafix/poster/.git Scales PostScript images to... 6 months ago
media-grafix/proj/.git Cartographic Projections library 6 months ago
media-grafix/psiconv/.git Converts Psion 5(MX) files... 6 months ago
media-grafix/psutils/.git A set of postscript utilities 6 months ago
media-grafix/qrencode/.git C library for encoding data... 6 months ago
media-grafix/sane-frontends/.git A set of frontends for SANE. 6 months ago
media-grafix/sane/.git Scanner Access Now Easy 6 months ago
media-grafix/shapelib/.git Simple C API for reading and... 6 months ago
media-grafix/shared-color-profiles/.git Shared color profiles are... 6 months ago
media-grafix/shared-color-targets/.git Shared color targets for creat... 6 months ago
media-grafix/suitesparse/.git A collection of sparse matrix... 6 months ago
media-grafix/t1lib/.git Library for generating charact... 6 months ago
media-grafix/t1utils/.git A collection of simple Type... 6 months ago
media-grafix/uchardet/.git Encoding detector library... 6 months ago
media-grafix/woff2/.git Web Open Font Format 2 referen... 6 months ago
media-grafix/wv/.git MSWord library can load and... 6 months ago
media-grafix/zbar/.git Application and library for... 6 months ago
media-libs/.git 6 months ago
media-libs/a52dec/.git A free library for decoding... 6 months ago
media-libs/aalib/.git A portable ASCII art graphic... 6 months ago
media-libs/alsa-firmware/.git ALSA firmware package 6 months ago
media-libs/alsa-lib/.git An alternative implementation... 6 months ago
media-libs/alsa-oss/.git OSS compatibility library 6 months ago
media-libs/alsa-plugins/.git Extra alsa plugins 6 months ago
media-libs/alsa-tools/.git Advanced tools for certain... 6 months ago
media-libs/alsa-utils/.git An alternative implementation... 6 months ago
media-libs/aom/.git Alliance for Open Media video... 6 months ago
media-libs/audiofile/.git Silicon Graphics Audio File... 6 months ago
media-libs/cdparanoia/.git Compact Disc Digital Audio... 6 months ago
media-libs/cdrtools/.git Original cdrtools supporting... 6 months ago
media-libs/celt/.git Low-latency audio communicatio... 6 months ago
media-libs/celt0.5.1/.git Low-latency audio communicatio... 6 months ago
media-libs/chromaprint/.git Library that implements a... 6 months ago
media-libs/clutter-gtk2/.git GTK clutter widget 6 months ago
media-libs/faac/.git An AAC audio encoder 6 months ago
media-libs/faad2/.git ISO AAC audio decoder 6 months ago
media-libs/farstream/.git Farstream (formerly Farsight... 6 months ago
media-libs/ffmpeg/.git Complete solution to record... 6 months ago
media-libs/ffnvcodec-headers/.git FFmpeg version of headers... 6 months ago
media-libs/flac/.git An open-source implementation... 6 months ago
media-libs/fluidsynth/.git A real-time software synthesiz... 6 months ago
media-libs/freeglut/.git Provides functionality for... 6 months ago
media-libs/frei0r-plugins/.git A minimalistic plugin API... 6 months ago
media-libs/ftgl/.git Patent-free, Open Source/Free... 6 months ago
media-libs/gavl/.git A low level library, upon... 6 months ago
media-libs/giflib/.git A library for reading and... 6 months ago
media-libs/glew/.git The OpenGL Extension Wrangler... 6 months ago
media-libs/glm/.git C++ mathematics library for... 6 months ago
media-libs/glu/.git Mesa OpenGL Utility library 6 months ago
media-libs/gmtk/.git Common functions for gnome... 6 months ago
media-libs/grilo-plugins/.git Plugins for Grilo 6 months ago
media-libs/grilo/.git Framework that provides access... 6 months ago
media-libs/gsm/.git Shared libraries for GSM 06... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-editing-services/.git GStreamer library for creating... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-libav/.git GStreamer open-source multimed... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-omx/.git Gstreamer OpenMAX IL wrapper... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-plugins-bad/.git GStreamer open-source multimed... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-plugins-base/.git GStreamer open-source multimed... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-plugins-good/.git GStreamer open-source multimed... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-plugins-ugly/.git GStreamer open-source multimed... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-python/.git GStreamer Python binding overrides 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-rtsp-server/.git RTSP server library based... 6 months ago
media-libs/gst-validate/.git Debugging tool for GStreamer 6 months ago
media-libs/gstreamer-vaapi/.git GStreamer Multimedia Framework... 6 months ago
media-libs/gstreamer/.git GStreamer open-source multimed... 6 months ago
media-libs/gstreamermm/.git C++ interface for GStreamer 6 months ago
media-libs/id3lib/.git Library for reading, writing... 6 months ago
media-libs/imlib/.git General image handling library... 6 months ago
media-libs/imlib2/.git Library that does image file... 6 months ago
media-libs/jack/.git A low-latency audio server 6 months ago
media-libs/jack2/.git The next-generation JACK with... 6 months ago
media-libs/jasper/.git Software-based implementation... 6 months ago
media-libs/ladspa/.git Linux Audio Developer's Simple... 6 months ago
media-libs/lame/.git A high quality MPEG Audio... 6 months ago
media-libs/lensfun/.git Database of photographic lense... 6 months ago
media-libs/libaacs/.git Advanced Access Content System 6 months ago
media-libs/libao/.git Cross-platform audio output... 6 months ago
media-libs/libass/.git A portable library for SSA... 6 months ago
media-libs/libavc1394/.git A library to control A/V devic... 6 months ago
media-libs/libbdplus/.git Open implementation of BD... 6 months ago
media-libs/libbluray/.git Library to access Blu-Ray... 6 months ago
media-libs/libbs2b/.git Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural... 6 months ago
media-libs/libburn/.git Library for reading, mastering... 6 months ago
media-libs/libcaca/.git Color AsCii Art library 6 months ago
media-libs/libcanberra/.git A small and lightweight implem... 6 months ago
media-libs/libcdaudio/.git Library for controlling Audio... 6 months ago
media-libs/libcddb/.git Library that implements the... 6 months ago
media-libs/libcdio-paranoia/.git CD paranoia libraries from... 6 months ago
media-libs/libcdio/.git GNU Compact Disc Input and... 6 months ago
media-libs/libcuefile/.git A library to work with CUE... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdc1394/.git High level programming interfa... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdca/.git Free library for decoding... 6 months ago
media-libs/libde265/.git Open h.265 video codec impleme... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdiscid/.git A Library for creating MusicBr... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdmtx/.git A software for reading and... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdv/.git The Quasar DV codec (libdv... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdvbpsi/.git Library designed for decoding... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdvdcss/.git Portable abstraction library... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdvdnav/.git The library for xine-dvdnav... 6 months ago
media-libs/libdvdread/.git Provides a simple foundation... 6 months ago
media-libs/libebml/.git Extensible Binary Meta Languag... 6 months ago
media-libs/libepoxy/.git Library handling OpenGL functi... 6 months ago
media-libs/libexif/.git A library to parse an EXIF... 6 months ago
media-libs/libfdk-aac/.git Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec library 6 months ago
media-libs/libffado/.git Driver for FireWire audio... 6 months ago
media-libs/libgme/.git Video game music file emulatio... 6 months ago
media-libs/libgoom2/.git Shared library part of the... 6 months ago
media-libs/libheif/.git HEIF file format decoder and...